By Protect My Kids ID Sacks | 5/7/2020 7:00 am

What is child identity theft? Child identity theft is when someone fraudulently uses the social security number of a minor to obtain a mortgage, get a loan, open credit cards, obtain medical care and even file taxes, are just a few examples of identity fraud.   Why are Children Targets for Identity Theft? Children are easy targets for identity theft because their social security number is unprotected and their personal data is not secure.  Only children have untouched squeaky clean credit which is the most valuable to a thief.    What are the long term effects of...

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Child Safety Kit Scam

By Marlee Sacks | 4/3/2020 3:00 pm

Scammers have yet again created a new ploy that can put your child’s identity at risk, and it is called, “free child safety kits.” You’re probably wondering what this is and how it happens. A child safety kit is in fact a real tool that parents use today. It is a packet of identifying information about your kid that is kept up to date in case of a missing child situation.   While this is a tremendous preemptive safety precaution that safety officials encourage, parents need to be aware of where the information is going and who has access to it. “Free”...

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Why is your Child the Perfect Target for Identity Theft?

By Marlee Sacks | 2/5/2020 9:15 am

A child’s social security number (SSN) is completely pure and untouched, it makes them the number one target for identity theft.    If you think it’s impossible that your child could ever have his or her identity stolen, you are sadly mistaken. Yes, obviously they are too young to open up a bank account or to even have any credit at all.    The question here is, how do thieves even find your children’s personal information in the first place? *According to the AARP, your child’s personal info is stored in numerous different types of databases. ...

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Managing Your Child's Digital Footprint

By Marlee Sacks | 2/4/2020 11:10 am

You and your spouse have just come home from the hospital with your brand-new daughter. Of course, you must capture the moment of bringing your daughter home for the very first time, so you decide to take your first family photo and share it with the world.    The very moment you choose to post that photo on the internet for the world to see, your daughter’s digital footprint has been created.   Did you know that more and more children have an increasing digital presence before they can even talk? As much as we want to share our important events that happen in life, it...

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